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mcrdeviantclub asked: Your headcanons would make a great fic. There's so much detail, and I love how each band member has his own set of powers. I like the scientific file set-up, too, it makes it seem more "real."


Wow, thank you…

I’ve been thinking about this, I’d really like to do it. Maybe soon, when I’m done with all my exams… Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Thanks you again for your positivity, it means a lot to me ♥

Again, to the new followers: sorry, but this blog isn’t being updated anymore… I noticed there were some new people.

If you want to follow me, then follow (it is a different kind of blog, I must say though).


Hey guys! :D I know, stupidly long time ago >.> And if you may wonder, yes! I am still alive.
So, a long time ago… I started to discover new music and decided for some reason to make another blog instead of just posting everything here. Now, this is not EDM anymore, since my interests moved a bit (but believe, I still enjoy EDM SO much! I don’t think that’ll ever change :3). This blog is mostly about bands like My Chemical Romance, Of Mice & Men, Green Day, Pierce The Veil, Crown The Empire, Fall Out Boy… Which is mostly Rock, Metalcore, Punk Rock/Pop (mainly seen). I also post sometimes some punk shit or Doctor Who. So if you’re still interested in it, the url is donttrust-thepotato! Love! <3 xo Jax

sippin-on-some-bitches-tea asked: Hey you should definitely check out a producer named Uppermost. I think you will enjoy his music :)


I know him! Frickin’ love his music :D Thanks anyway!

too-punk-foryou asked: Give 5 random facts about yourself, then send this to your 10 favorite blogs c:


Another five… lemme think :3

1. I prefer cd’s above digital albums, because I love to read the lyrics while listening and watching the pics/artwork

2. Draw me something and I’ll love you forever

3. I hate dancing

4. I would give anything to get an Iron Man suit

5. I eat too much eggs

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